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Chatbot is your assistant to automate payments in venues via any messenger app. It works in 3 simple steps:
1) Start
Activate Chatbot on our Facebook page, connect your credit card and get your unique CoinyID directly in Messenger app.
2) Order
Simply tell your CoinyID to the waiter at the venue or use it as a payment option at the supported online shop. Then proceed with ordering as usual.
3) Pay
Your bill will arrive directly in the Messenger app. Chatbot will pay for your order automatically within 30 minutes by charging your connected card.
$ 25.000
$ 50.000
Blockchain-based genomic data platform
This is an ecosystem that constructs a new genomic economy and is a distributed peer-to-peer database of genomic and medical information that has blockchain storage of personal data and its own cryptocurrency which is necessary for getting the genomic information, conducting scientific research, and storing of large amounts of genomic data to pay for all this genomic stuff!
$ 50.000
$ 1.000.000
CPS is VISA FOR CRYPTO ECONOMICS, where smartphones will be used instead of bank cards, and mobile operators instead of banks.
Our mobile payments system based on blockchain and will make payments more convenient, fast and favorable.
It will reduce number of payment agents and integrate payments universes according to the simple formula:
CPS = VALUE from traditional payment system (fiat payments, performance)
+ ADVANTAGEs of new technology (lower fees, cardless payments)
– COMPLEXITY of using cryptocurrency (no valatility, no need to own crypto, no barriers to become CPS client)
$ 100.000
$ 5.000.000
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